The Cheap Phone Sex Number

How to you choose the best and cheapest phone sex hotline in the US and Canada?

Cheap Phone Sex with the Chicks with Sass

  1. By making sure that what’s being offered is actually live phone sex, as opposed to adult chat
  2. By understanding that when it  comes to affordable phone sex, not all offers are created equal.

Luckily, when it comes to value for money, there are companies out there who have been delivering exactly that!

Chickswithsass, as the name suggests is all about a group of ladies (throw in a few males and transgenders) who are sex savvy.  The’re all about sensuality and are extremely easy to talk to.

Of course, at $1.99 per minute, they are not the cheapest out there. But when it comes to quality at an affordable price, there are many other services who can remotely compete with these ladies.

Indeed, it is important to make the distinction as some cheap phone sex offers are not at all what they seem.  When you call their number: 1-800-841-9842 you get to speak directly with a live person. A caller doesn’t need to record his or her name, or a greeting message. This is not an adult chat hotline.  It is a phone sex hotline!

Cheap Phone Sex